Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts

Our school owners / lead instructors are former Police Officers with a combined 40+ years service between them.  They have a vast history and knowledge around the safeguarding of adults and children and take this role very seriously.

Welfare officer Debbie Heath is a school Governess in the Tamworth area and has a wealth of experience in Safeguarding.

Tamworth Martial Arts is certified under the Safeguarding in Martial Arts Code.   This provides some assurance to parents, carers, guardians and individuals who are looking to sign themselves or their children up to a Martial Arts School
If you wish to verify our certification you can do so here.

Our safeguarding policies and procedures can be found here.

Tamworth Martial Arts Designated Safeguarding Lead
JDKJN John Gravenall

Tamworth Martial Arts Designated Safeguarding Officer / Welfare Officer
PSBN Carole Vickers

Welfare Officer 
Deborah Heath
 07966 864997
JDKJN John Gravenall Safeguarding Lead
PSBN Carole Vickers Safeguarding Officer
Deborah Heath Welfare Officer