Chief Instructor Master John will be hosting a number of workshops in 2024 at Tamworth Martial Arts Dojang.  These workshops will be focused on Forms, Techniques and Weapons.  Students will have the opportunity to focus on individual forms / techniques
and be upskilled and learn detail around the elements taught.

weekend one - saturday 6th / sunday 7th july 2024

  • 1030am-4pm Daily 
  • Saturday 6th July - Open to White Belts & Above - Focus on Ki Cho Hyung / Cho Geup Hyung.  Ki Bohn Soo / Sohn Mohk Soo
  • Sunday 7th July - Open to Blue Belts & Above - Focus on Joong Geup Hyung / Goh Geup Hyung. Eue Bohk Soo / Maek Chi Ki / Maek Cha Ki Pressure Point Striking
  • £40.00 for One Day / £60.00 for Both Days
  • Open to ALL HGMS Students / Instructors 
  • Limited Places Available