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In our full time purpose built dojang, we offer 20 classes a week for both children and adults from 3 years of age.  Our classes are split into relevant age / grades to ensure that students are taught at a level appropriate for them. Find out more about each class by clicking the buttons below.

Korean Martial Arts Centre in Tamworth

Han Guk Mu Sool, also known as Hanguk Musul or Hanguk Muye, means Korean Martial Arts. It is a wide range of systems, styles, techniques and principles that have been developed and passed down through generations and combines them into what is known today as Han Guk Mu Sool.

The mission of Han Guk Mu Sool is to preserve and grow awareness of Korean martial arts through their practice and promotion.

The practice of Han Guk Mu Sool incorporates various elements, including moving forms, striking, kicking, joint locks, throws, grappling, and weapon techniques. It emphasises both self-defence and personal development, aiming to cultivate physical strength, mental discipline, and spiritual growth.

Like many traditional martial arts, Han Guk Mu Sool places a strong emphasis on respect, as well as adherence to traditional Korean values and customs. a martial arts system that can help to improve your physical body by developing fitness, mobility, flexibility and strength.  In addition, it has so many mental benefits, such as building confidence and concentration; developing self discipline and motivation; relieving stress and of course adding to that learning vital self defence skills.

School Owner John Gravenall, is a 7th Degree Senior Master Black Belt and one of the highest ranking Masters within the UK, having over 45 years experience in martial arts training.  

We offer FREE taster sessions every day for all ages and abilities, from complete beginners to those with previous martial arts experience. Book your FREE taster session HERE today to have a go for yourself and join our Martial Arts family.

Making a Difference with Martial Arts

We pride ourselves on delivering fun, informative and varied lessons.  Our structured lessons and expansive syllabus means that students learn at their own pace, but never stop learning.   We aim to develop individuals both physically and mentally to Black Belt and beyond.

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