JEKJN John Gravenall Chief Instructor

master John gravenall

Han Guk Mu Sool has secured Master John Gravenall as Chief Instructor of the Association. The role of Chief instructor and deputies,  is to take the lead in the oversight of martial arts training across the association. The Chief Instructors and Deputies will lead our martial arts training, our syllabus, workshops, seminars and overall physical learning. This role requires a high level of physical knowledge and capability, combined with an intricate knowledge of our philosophies, histories and theories.
Master John is uniquely suited to this position given his huge experience in the realm of armed forces, police special units and extensive Martial Arts training.
Upon leaving school he joined the Armed Forces and gained valuable life skills as an Army paramedic within the RAMC, where he served within the Parachute Regiment, and then he was seconded to a Bomb Disposal Unit with the Royal Engineers in Iraq.
Upon leaving the Armed Forces John went into a career within the Police service where he progressed and became a Sergeant, and a physical training instructor on a Firearm’s Operational Unit. John’s main role on the unit was as an Operational Firearms Commander (OFC) leading a team of firearm operatives and dealing with spontaneous and pre-planned firearms operations
His martial arts training and teaching has taken him all over the world where he has competed at a high level and won numerous British and International titles. He has also trained with some of the best martial arts ‘masters’ in the business.