Chief Master 

Master Philip has studied and practiced the traditional martial arts since 1964, he has travelled extensively in the UK, Europe, Korea and USA in support of studying and teaching martial arts.
In October 2001, Master Philip was inducted into the Combat (magazine) ‘Hall of Fame’. This prestigious honour was awarded, ‘in recognition of his commitment and devotion to the development of Martial Arts in the United Kingdom and around the world’.
Master Philip has also been featured on the front cover of several international martial arts publications including Taekwondo Magazine
In 1990, Master Philip graduated from the International College of Oriental Medicine UK (Bachelor of Acupuncture), and subsequently lectured at the college for several years, serving as Director of Studies 1991-1994. Although competent in all disciplines of the traditional Korean martial arts, Master Philip is especially renowned for his knowledge and expertise in the field of Ki Training, and Vital or Pressure Point Technique.
Han Guk Mu Sool is a collaboration of schools and Masters, working as a co-operative, to promote and protect Korean martial arts. Whilst the association will never have a single figure head at its helm it does still require the very best leadership available to shepherd its efforts week to week, month to month.
This role of Chief Master chairs our council of Masters, shapes our education programmes, oversees our national testings and black belt promotions, and is part of our leadership team which operates the association day to day.