han guk mu sool association: 
promoting korean martial arts worldwide

The Han Guk Mu Sool Association is a global community of Schools, Masters, Instructors, and Students dedicated to promoting and developing the martial arts of Korea. We uphold the true spirit of the martial arts, emphasizing respect, discipline, and personal growth.

Our association is governed by a Council of School Owners and Masters, as well as an Association Secretary, Business Operations team, and Chief Master. No single person has the power to make sweeping decisions, and we trust our school owners to make key decisions on our behalf.

We adhere to UK safeguarding laws and principles, and all of our instructors must hold valid DBS certificates and proper insurance to ensure a safe and secure training environment for our Members, Students, Families, and Friends.

Han Guk Mu Sool is a comprehensive martial art that encompasses striking techniques, grappling, joint locks, throws, take-downs, ground fighting, self-defense, weapon training, forms, meditation, and mental discipline. Through this diverse range of teachings, practitioners develop physical strength, mental focus, and spiritual growth.